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Click on the name or number of any specific piece of legislation, and you’ll be directed to an individual page that features a description of the piece of legislation or amendment, the outcome of the measure, each legislator’s voting record, and more. Click on an issue name to learn more about that topic, and to see the full list of related Scorecard votes.

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  • Air Quality Air Quality
  • Effective Government Effective Government
  • Energy & Climate Change Energy & Climate
  • Environmental Justice Environmental Justice
  • Land Land
  • Water Water
  • Wildlife & Habitat Conservation Wildlife & Habitat

Priority Bill # Title Sponsors Topics CVNM
HB 28 Resource Sustainability and Security Act   more Melanie A. Stansbury Support 2019
HB 206 Environmental Review Act   more Gail Chasey,
Mimi Stewart
Support 2019
HB 210 Community Solar Act   more Patricia Roybal Caballero,
Elizabeth Stefanics,
Andrea A. Romero
Support 2019
HB 220 Determination of Discharge Effect on Water   more Matthew McQueen Support 2019
HB 255 Mining Permit Corporate Guarantees   more Matthew McQueen Support 2019
HB 263 State Game Commission Changes   more Matthew McQueen Support 2019
HB 287 No Use of State Resources for Border Wall   more Angelica Rubio Support 2019
HB 289 Fund Investment in Renewable Energy   more Sheryl Williams Stapleton Support 2019
HB 291 Efficient Use of Energy Act Changes   more Andrea A. Romero Support 2019
HB 353 Reduce Certain Oil & Gas Tax Rates   more Paul C. Bandy,
Cathrynn N. Brown,
Greg Nibert,
Larry R. Scott,
James R.J. Strickler
Oppose 2019
HB 366 Wildlife Protection and Public Safety Act   more Roberto J. Gonzales,
Matthew McQueen,
Christine Chandler
Support 2019
HB 373 New Mexico Central Arizona Project Entity   more Gail Armstrong,
Rebecca Dow,
Candie G. Sweetser,
Gabriel Ramos
Oppose 2019
HB 398 Oil, Gas and Vented Gas Royalties   more Derrick J. Lente Support 2019
HB 440 Solar Energy Improvement Assessments   more Debra M. Sariñana,
Abbas Akhil,
Joseph L. Sanchez
Support 2019
HB 521 PRC Application for Vehicle Electricity   more Georgene Louis,
Angelica Rubio,
Pat Woods,
Phelps Anderson,
Joy Garratt
Support 2019
HB 547 Workforce Clean Energy Economy Study   more Javier Martínez,
Angelica Rubio
Support 2019
SB 51 Renewable Energy Services - State Facilities   more Jeff Steinborn Support 2019
SB 76 Prohibit Coyote Killing Contests   more Mark Moores,
Jeff Steinborn
Support 2019
SB 186 Oil Conservation Division Powers & Duties   more Matthew McQueen,
Richard C. Martinez
Support 2019
SB 456 Electric Utility Resource Procurement   more Joseph Cervantes,
Abbas Akhil,
Andrea A. Romero
Support 2019
SB 462 Create Outdoor Recreation Division   more D. Wonda Johnson,
Angelica Rubio,
Nathan P. Small,
Steven P. Neville,
Jeff Steinborn
Support 2019
SB 489 Energy Transition Act   more Brian F. Egolf,
Patricia Roybal Caballero,
Nathan P. Small,
Jacob R. Candelaria,
Mimi Stewart
Support 2019
SB 499 Climate Change Compliance Tax Credits   more William E. Sharer Oppose 2019
SB 500 Oil, Gas, and Vented Gas Royalties   more Bill B. O'Neill Support 2019
SB 518 New Solar Market Development Tax Credit   more Mimi Stewart Support 2019

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Tell your Legislators that you ‘know the score’

One of the best ways to influence the voting records of your elected officials is to communicate regularly with them. If your legislators scored well, it’s important to thank them and to support them. If you feel you weren’t well-represented by your legislators’ votes, it’s important to hold them accountable by letting them know what you think about their votes. The Scorecard is your key to staying informed on your legislators votes and getting in touch with them.

Communicate with the Governor and your Legislators

Whether you’re congratulating them on their score or expressing your disappointment, be direct, courteous and polite.

The most important part is letting them know that you are paying close attention to how they vote or, in the case of the Governor, what actions she takes on legislation that affects our air, land, and water.

Calling your legislator directly and sending letters through regular mail remain by far the most effective ways to communicate with your legislators.

The Governor and Lieutenant Governor can always be contacted at the State Capitol. Except during the legislative session, state legislators should be contacted in their home districts, as listed on the current Legislators page.

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