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2022 Scorecard Dedication

New Mexico's Climate Emergency New Mexican communities and landscapes are facing an unprecedented and catastrophic fire season, which is exacerbated by climate-change and long-standing drought. ​​ Already, the 2022 wildfire season has yielded the two largest wildfires in the state’s recorded history. We now have a shocking number of New…
June 29, 2022
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Quick Hits: Highlights from the 2022 Session

Clean Fuels: The Clean Fuels bill ran again this year (SB 14) in an improved form. The bill would have removed some of the emissions from the transportation sector by creating requirements for lower carbon intensity fuels blending. A similar bill ran out of time on the House floor last…
June 29, 2022
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Elected Spotlight: A Speaker’s Legacy

It’s normal to have some turnover election to election, particularly in the New Mexico House of Representatives. Serving in the legislature is still an unpaid position that requires nearly a full time commitment year round. It leads to an unusually high attrition rate as legislators struggle to balance their legislative…
June 29, 2022
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Issue Spotlight: The Ticking Clock on Climate

This spring, we witnessed catastrophic wildfires in northern New Mexico that destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses and displaced tens of thousands of residents as climate change induced drought continues to deepen. This is just one reminder of many for us as New Mexicans that reinforces the urgency to pass…
June 29, 2022