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2011-2012All Issue Spotlights

2011-2012 Green Deeds & Duds

Champions The following Senators and Representatives did not cast any anti-conservation votes in this Scorecard and are true conservation heroes.  We applaud them (and you should too!) for their commitment to the health and environment of all New Mexicans. House of Representatives: Representative Gail Chasey Representative Eleanor Chavez Representative Brian…
August 24, 2012
2011-2012All Issue Spotlights

Open and Transparent?

Guest Feature A Spotlight on the Rulemaking Process by Tammy Fiebelkorn, local environmental economist & owner of eSolved, Inc. In 2011, New Mexico has charted a new and dangerous course. The process used to develop and adopt rules is a great example of how the Martinez administration has dramatically changed the…
August 2, 2012
2011-2012All Issue Spotlights

The Flip Side: 2011 session in review

Every year in the CVNM scorecard, we discuss the high and low points of the legislative session.  In 2011, it seemed as if every pro-conservation aspect of the session had a flip side, and vice-versa.  So instead of our traditional ‘Highlights & Lowlights’, we’re presenting ‘The Flip Side’ for those…
August 17, 2011