2015 SB 421 Limit Local Gov't & Zoning Commissions

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Stuart Ingle
Energy & Climate Change
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Similar to HB 366, but far more sweeping in the types of local government ordinances that would be invalidated, SB 421 would have removed municipal or county governments authority to regulate mining and agricultural operations in addition to oil and gas activities. This would have removed the critical flexibility that communities need to protect the public interest on a local scale.


SB 421 died in the Senate Conservation Committee.

How Legislators Voted on SB 421

  • = Pro Conservation Vote
  • = Anti Conservation Vote
  • A = Absent
  • E = Excused
  • R = Recused
  • W = Abstain
Legislator Party District Office Conservation
Cervantes, Joseph (D) D 31 Senator 2015
Griego, Phil A. (D) D 39 Senator 2015
Ingle, Stuart (R) R 27 Senator 2015
Martinez, Richard C. (D) D 5 Senator E 2015
Payne, William H. (R) R 20 Senator 2015
Ryan, John (R) R 10 Senator 2015
Sharer, William E. (R) R 1 Senator 2015
Shendo Jr., Benny (D) D 22 Senator 2015
Soules, William P. (D) D 37 Senator 2015
Wirth, Peter (D) D 25 Senator 2015
Woods, Pat (R) R 7 Senator 2015