2017 SB 307 Oil & Gas Act Powers & Penalties

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Richard C. Martinez
Air Quality
Effective Government
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SB 307 would have re-established administrative and civil penalty authority for the Oil Conservation Division (OCD) to pursue violations of the Oil and Gas Act that result in discharge of contaminants. This authority was lost in the Marbob Energy Corp. v. N.M. Oil Conservation Comm. case. The court determined that legislature needed to give the authority to OCD to collect these penalties, and that OCD could not grant the authority to itself. This bill would have addressed a clear need in OCD’s regulatory enforcement scheme.


SB 307 died in the Senate Finance Committee.

How Legislators Voted on SB 307

  • = Pro Conservation Vote
  • = Anti Conservation Vote
  • A = Absent
  • E = Excused
  • R = Recused
  • W = Abstain
Legislator Party District Office Conservation
Baca, Gregory A. (R) R 29 Senator 2017
Candelaria, Jacob R. (D) D 26 Senator 2017
Cervantes, Joseph (D) D 31 Senator 2017
Griggs, Ron (R) R 34 Senator 2017
Ivey-Soto, Daniel A. (D) D 15 Senator 2017
Lopez, Linda M. (D) D 11 Senator E 2017
Martinez, Richard C. (D) D 5 Senator 2017
McSorley, Cisco (D) D 16 Senator 2017
Moores, Mark (R) R 21 Senator 2017
Payne, William H. (R) R 20 Senator 2017
Soules, William P. (D) D 37 Senator 2017
Stefanics, Elizabeth "Liz" (D) D 39 Senator 2017
Wirth, Peter (D) D 25 Senator E 2017
Woods, Pat (R) R 7 Senator 2017