2016 SB 248 Fund Grant County Water Supply from NM Unit

CVNM Position:
Howie C. Morales
Legislative Info:
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SB 248 would have directed the Interstate Stream Commission to allocate $13 million of NM Unit funding distributed to the state to fully implement the Grant County Regional Water Supply Project. The project would have improved and augmented water supplies to serve 26,000 people in central Grant County. This bill was revenue neutral and met the long-term water supply needs of 90% of Grant County population at a fraction of the cost of the Gila River diversion project.


SB 248 died in the Senate Finance Committee.

How Legislators Voted on SB 248

  • = Pro Conservation Vote
  • = Anti Conservation Vote
  • A = Absent
  • E = Excused
  • R = Recused
  • W = Abstain
Legislator Party District Office Conservation
Cervantes, Joseph  (D) D 31 Senator 2016
Martinez, Richard C. (D) D 5 Senator 2016
Morales, Howie C. (D) D 28 Senator 2016
Payne, William H. (R) R 20 Senator 2016
Ryan, John (R) R 10 Senator 2016
Sharer, William E. (R) R 1 Senator 2016
Soules, William P. (D) D 37 Senator 2016
Stewart, Mimi  (D) D 17 Senator 2016
Wirth, Peter  (D) D 25 Senator 2016
Woods, Pat  (R) R 7 Senator 2016