2013 HB 266 Renewable Energy Procurement Limits

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James R.J. Strickler
Energy & Climate Change
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The Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) prompts utilities to diversify their energy production by investing in renewable energy sources like wind and solar, and holds them accountable to meet modest thresholds. The RPS includes a provision called “reasonable cost threshold,” which ensures that customers’ bills won’t change dramatically as a result of utilities complying with the standard. HB 266 inserted an additional, unnecessary and exceedingly complex cost consideration—attempting to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. Long-term, of course, all New Mexican consumers will benefit from the RPS: saving money from the avoided costs of new power plant construction, as well as the reduced health care costs resulting from cleaner air and water.


HB 266 died in the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

How Legislators Voted on HB 266

  • = Pro Conservation Vote
  • = Anti Conservation Vote
  • A = Absent
  • E = Excused
  • R = Recused
  • W = Abstain
Legislator Party District Office Conservation
Bratton, Donald E. (R) R 62 Representative 2013
Easley, Stephen (D) D 50 Representative 2013
Egolf, Brian F. (D) D 47 Representative 2013
Ezzell, Candy Spence (R) R 58 Representative 2013
Gonzales, Roberto "Bobby" J. (D) D 42 Representative 2013
Gray, William "Bill" J. (R) R 54 Representative 2013
Lewis, Tim D. (R) R 60 Representative 2013
Madalena, James Roger (D) D 65 Representative 2013
McCamley, Bill (D) D 33 Representative 2013
Steinborn, Jeff (D) D 35 Representative 2013
Strickler, James R.J. (R) R 2 Representative 2013