2007 HB 178 Navajo Nation Electric Facility Tax Credits

CVNM Position:
CVNM Priority Vote
Thomas C. Taylor
Ben Altamirano
Energy & Climate Change
Environmental Justice
Legislative Info:
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HB178 (and its companion) SB431 would have provided an $85 million tax credit to the Desert Rock Coal Plant on the Navajo Nation. If built, the plant would offset all the gains made by New Mexico under the proposed clean energy agenda – dramatically increasing mercury and greenhouse gas emissions. A subsidy of this size should be used to incubate and foster New Mexico businesses and clean jobs, not a highly profitable multinational corporation.


HB178 died in the House, and SB431 died in the Senate.

How Legislators Voted on HB 178

  • = Pro Conservation Vote
  • = Anti Conservation Vote
  • A = Absent
  • E = Excused
  • R = Recused
  • W = Abstain
Legislator Party District Office Conservation
Anderson, Thomas A. (R) R 29 Representative 2007
Bandy, Paul C. (R) R 3 Representative 2007
Bratton, Donald E. (R) R 62 Representative 2007
Ezzell, Candy Spence (R) R 58 Representative 2007
Garcia, Miguel P. (D) D 14 Representative 2007
Garcia, Thomas (D) D 68 Representative E 2007
Gray, William "Bill" J. (R) R 54 Representative 2007
Gutierrez, Joni Marie (D) D 33 Representative 2007
Lujan, Antonio (D) D 35 Representative 2007
Madalena, James Roger (D) D 65 Representative 2007
Steinborn, Jeff (D) D 37 Representative 2007
Strickler, James R.J. (R) R 2 Representative 2007
Trujillo, Jim R. (D) D 45 Representative 2007
Wirth, Peter (D) D 47 Representative 2007